Meet Dr. Benedetti

People in the Tampa Bay area searching for the best plastic surgeons will ultimately find Jeremy Angelo Benedetti, M.D., on the short list. From his practice in St. Petersburg, he has been serving the Tampa Bay, FL, area since 2008 as a double-board certified plastic surgeon. He possesses a combination of rigorous training, years of experience, an approachable personality, and an eye for aesthetics that enables him to provide naturally attractive results that are personalized to each patient's unique vision.

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Dr. Benedetti introduces himself and his St. Petersburg plastic surgery practice.

Excellent Credentials

Dr. Benedetti earned his M.D. degree from The Medical College of Ohio, graduating valedictorian. He then went on to complete 8 years of extensive surgical training at the University of California, Davis, and the University of Virginia.

After his surgical training, Dr. Benedetti joined Kaiser Permanente, a busy cosmetic and reconstructive surgery practice. Within 2 years he was named the medical director of the program and an assistant clinical professor of Oregon Health & Sciences University. In 2008, Dr. Benedetti relocated his family to the Tampa Bay area to practice plastic surgery and established Benedetti Cosmetic Surgery in St. Petersburg.

Plastic Surgery Society Membership

Dr. Benedetti is an active member of both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. These professional organizations require rigorous training and an ongoing commitment to excellence from their members. Dr. Benedetti is honored to have been selected as a member of these plastic surgery societies.

Specialist in Plastic Surgery & Non-Surgical Treatments

Dr. Benedetti has established himself as an expert in plastic and reconstructive surgery. As a specialist in breast enhancement procedures such as breast augmentation, he has performed 3,000+ breast procedures. Dr. Benedetti also focuses on body contouring and facial plastic surgery. In addition to performing surgery, Dr. Benedetti is the hands‐on director of the onsite medical spa at his practice.

More Than a Surgeon

In addition to being a dedicated plastic surgeon, Dr. Benedetti lives life to the fullest and strives to improve the lives of others both locally and internationally. He enjoys a very active lifestyle with his wife and 4 children.

Dr. Benedetti has used his talents as a plastic surgeon on more than one mission to Jharkhand, India, with members of the University of Virginia Department of Plastic Surgery to repair cleft lips for children born with this unfortunate birth defect. He contributes to the following charitable organizations:

  • Academy of the Holy Names
  • American Heart Association
  • Suncoast Hospice Foundation
  • Morton Plant Mease Foundation

Learn More

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Dr. Benedetti understands that you have many plastic surgeons to choose from and that there are numerous factors to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon. He looks forward to helping you address areas of personal concern while enhancing your self-image and confidence.